French leasing

In addition to the possibility of financing your yacht with a classic boat loan, we also offer French leasing.


French leasing offers you the following advantages:

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[1] Delivery in the case of French leasing: the delivery in France must primarily take place before the payment is made. In this respect, a precise agreement with the seller is important. According to the applicable German VAT Act (UStG)  (cf. §3a (3) 2. 4. sentence of UStG): For long-term rentals of recreational vessels by EU consumers, French VAT is calculated on the leasing instalments if the boat is made available to the lessee in France; provided that the lessor also has its registered office or permanent address in France. In the case of CGI Finance and SGB Finance (located in Lille, France), the respective French VAT rate is generally applied.

[2] Boat types for French leasing: as a rule, only new boats are financed with French leasing. Exceptions may be charter fleet yachts. In any case, the VAT benefit must still be of interest to the lessee.

[3] Boat condition for French leasing: the yacht must be seaworthy. The CE certification rating must be A or B. The appropriate equipment (e.g. life raft) must also be on board.

[4] French lease berth: coastal area allowing departure from EU waters at any time. These berths also include the German side of Lake Constance (opposite Switzerland).

[5] Sellers for French leasing: private sellers are excluded.

[6] Reversal of the burden of proof for French leasing: the lessee proves that the vessel has left EU waters. Duration spent outside the EU is charged with 0% VAT on the leasing instalments. Within the EU, the complete French VAT applies.

[7] Flexibility of French leasing: spending winter in Turkey? A season in the Canary Islands? England bound? Leasing adapted conveniently and at low cost. It is sufficient to provide the lessor with a corresponding statement of the time spent outside the EU once a year.

[8] Legal nature of French leasing: for German consumers, the leasing contract is based on German consumer law. The home port is Hamburg.

[9] Advance payment for French leasing: the advance payment technically counts as the first rent. If the ship leaves the EU immediately after delivery of the yacht, the VAT will be 0%.

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