A loan is the easiest way to get you on the water. The following conditions apply for consumers:

Water is our element. This is why we promote financial solutions which are both transparent and fluid.

CGI Finance and SGB Finance offer loans with down-payments starting at 30% of the purchase price and durations ranging from 3 to 15 years. Thus the loan can be tailor-made for your individual requirements. In exceptional cases, a 20% down-payment is also sufficient.

Also throughout the loan term you stay flexible. On request a reduction of the monthly rate is possible given a renewed credit check or after a partial loan repayment. Partial loan repayments and an early termination of the loan are possible at any time, for a small early repayment fee: the additional costs amount to only 1% of the paid off sum. Since consumers may terminate the contract on request at any moment, we advise you to consider long duration loans. This will keep the monthly charge low thus allowing you to invest less capital in your boat.

By the way: our services are free of charge. There are no additional administration fees.

As marine specialists we appreciate the value of your boat!

In most cases, the boat is the only security required. No further collateral needs to be provided for the loan. Our appreciation extends to your used boat, too. If you want to trade in your old boat with your dealer, you can use its value as part of your down-payment.

Suitable solutions for business

You want to buy a charter yacht and to register a business? Then you will want a flexible loan. CGI Finance and SCG Finance can propose suitable solutions for you, even if you are not regarded as a consumer: minimum down-payment of 30%, up to 7 year loans, favorable conditions and flexibility throughout the loan term.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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