The Financing Procedure

A step-by-step guide to your acquisition of your dream boat.

Step 1: Financing Request

You or your dealer request a personalized offer by way of telephone or through our contact form. Alternatively why not create your own sample quote now.

Step 2: Credit Check

The credit assessment starts as soon as you decide on a suitable offer and you send us the necessary documents. The credit decision by the finance company should only take a couple of days assuming all information is available to them.

Step 3: Conclusion of the Contract

You will receive your contractual documents shortly after your financing request has been approved by the finance company. Please send the signed documents back to us via e-mail and via mail in their original form. You will then receive an acceptance e-mail from the finance company concluding the contract.

Step 4: Payment

The finance company will then disburse the financed sum after the cancellation period of 14 days has elapsed, subject to receipt of all necessary documents. The finance company pays out the monies directly: to your dealer (credit) or to the shipyard (lease). Delivery of leased boats will take place in France.

Step 5: Security and Boat Registration

Your loan will be secured by either a mortgage or a transfer of property. New boats costing more than €150,000 as well as all used boats will need to be registered in the Hamburg Ship Registry by our partner – Uhsadel Rechtsanwälte unless you are seeking a non-German flag.

Step 6: Flexibility of Loans

A loan enables you to adjust your monthly payments or make partial or full loan repayments at any time. The maximum fee for consumers when repaying their loan early is 1% of the amount repaid.

Step 7: End of Financing

At your request, the credit contract can be cancelled very easily. The maximum fee for consumers will be 1% of the outstanding credit sum. Your leasing contract may also be cancelled but you will forgo the value-added tax advantage on the outstanding lease instalments and will be subject to a penalty unless the leasing contract is transferred to a third party, with the agreement of the finance company. At the end of the credit with transfer of property or at the end of the lease following payment of the purchase option, the financed boat will become your property.

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